Our History

The clubhouse, located at 1920 S. Mill Avenue, was originally built and owned by the Tempe Woman's Club.  The property was originally a house, and hosted numerous dinners, charitable events, and club meetings over the years.

By early 2017, the Tempe Woman's Club was looking to focus on its core mission of helping make Tempe a better place for women and their families.  However, Tempe Woman's Club wanted to make sure that the property, which was  constructed in the 1930s, would remain a community asset.

Tempe Club House, LLC was launched specifically for this purpose, and is committed to maintaining the property as a place to educate the World.  It is a facility for speakers, teachers, dance and music.  Weddings, showers and all parties alike.  Yoga, meditation, and all spiritual teachings.  A place for community to come together.

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